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Brokkr Doors Soon to Open
August 17, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr Doors Soon to Open

Brokkr is bringing improved experience and better overall design.


In less than one month, the Brokkr Finance team will be opening the doors to the new Brokkr. And the new Brokkr is pretty cool

Some hints on the new Brokkr:

Stablecoin Portfolio. Stablecoin Life.

“Calm”, the first Brokkr Portfolio, aims to reduce market volatility as much as possible and be the stable harbor in any market condition. By consisting of stablecoin liquidity pools, the price movement and coin failure risk are minimized (no algorithmic stablecoins, RIP).

3 strategies, 3 liquidity pools, 1 investment.
Not the highest returns in all DeFi, but sustainable and diversified returns free of market volatility.

Expected Yearly Returns: 5%

Delta Neutral Portfolio. Hedged Returns.

The Delta Neutral Strategies (DNS) portfolio “Ambitious” will follow. DNS are more complex strategies that hedge against asset price changes. By combining and automating Lending and Yield Farm protocols, they neutralize the effects of price movements, essentially making a stablecoin out of any coin.

Expected Yearly Returns: 15%

The team also mentioned that it will be possible to enter Brokkr with any coin and to connect strategies cross-chain, thanks to THORChain.

In addition, the protocol got some upgrade with the 'Custom Unstaking Period' feature where users can set a custom unstaking period, and until they activate it, their assets remain staked.

Brokkr is aiming to simplify DeFi and make it understandable.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek