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Brokkr Launches Discord Talks
October 24, 2022 #News #Brokkr Finance

Brokkr Launches Discord Talks


Brokkr Finance is working towards full decentralization and has invited everyone to the first phase of the road to being a DAO- Discord Talks.

This stage is independent of $BRO holdings; anyone can enter, create proposals, or vote. These voting results will indicate what the community thinks is the best direction, which will help Brokkr form the final decisions.

Brokkr has indicated 4 steps leading to full decentralization.

1. Discord Talks
2. Token Signals
3. Token Rules
4. Council Governs

Phase 1, Discord Talks has details below:

Voting Topics

  1. Investing Treasury funds
    eg. Depositing funds in CALM Portfolio
  2. Enabling or Building features
    Directly linked to the $BRO token, eg. Treasury Bootstrapping
  3. Community Pool management
    Eg. For Community Rewards Program

No votes about
β€’ Contract updates (to sustain adaptability and the possibility of quick fixes)
β€’ Operational Pool management (it’s not live yet)

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