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Avalanche($AVAX) Now on THORChain Stagenet
July 14, 2022 #News #THORChain

Avalanche($AVAX) Now on THORChain Stagenet


Avalanche is coming to THORChain!

The first decentralized native  swap recently occurred on THORChain stagenet.

Avalanche is a high throughput smart contract blockchain platform. Validators secure the network through the proof-of-stake consensus protocol, and it is said to be fast, low-cost and environmental friendly.

THORChain Stagenet is a test environment where real funds are used. $ATOM is now live on stagenet and according to the core team, once at least 1 UI demonstrates end-user support, the process of releasing it to mainnet will commence.

Also, this successful integration will pave the way for EVM assets on Avalanche to connect to $BTC, $ETH and more  native  assets via THORChain.

Avax Joes, get ready!

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek