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Avalanche $USDC Now Available on THORChain
October 06, 2022 #News #Avax

Avalanche $USDC Now Available on THORChain


Following the recent liquidity churn, Avalanche C-Chain $USDC has achieved sufficient depth and is now available for swaps and pooling on THORChain.

Avalanche C-chain $USDC becomes the latest addition to the basket of stable coins on THORChain which include ETH.USDT, ETH.USDC, ETH.DAI, BNB.BUSD. Avalanche  C-chain $USDT will be added as soon as possible.

Users can now swap native Avalanche stable(s) to other native assets without a bridge.

THORFi will also be tapping into this basket of stables in the near future as innovation grows on THORChain.

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