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ASGARDEX Hints Advanced RPC Options
August 22, 2022 #News #ASGARDEX

ASGARDEX Hints Advanced RPC Options


Asgardex, the 100% open-source desktop wallet and decentralized exchange for THORChain will be releasing API/RPC options for advanced users in the next release.

RPCs(Remote Procedure Call) could be defined as a type of API (application programming interface) that allows for developers to run code that can be executed on servers remotely. DApps with RPC capabilities can connect users’ requests to information from blockchains.

ASGARDEX is positioning users for situations where official Midgard, THORNode (API/RPCs) are not available for some time due to some reason. By switching to another API/RPC, users will have access to all of THORChain.

ASGARDEX was also recently added to the official THORChain website .

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