Thorstarter Announces Beaver Finance IDO
March 06, 2022

Thorstarter Announces Beaver Finance IDO


Thorstarter's first BSC launch, Beaver Finance —a novel protocol aimed at solving the impermanent loss problem while allowing you to unlock elite yields, is coming.

Enter Beaver

Beaver Finance is a Single-Asset Intelligent Yield Enhancing platform that is the first in DeFi to integrate Liquidity Mining with the Option-based cutting-edge hedging solution for Impermanent Loss.


The $BVER IDO will be launching on Thorstarter 22nd March. Here are the initial details:

- Network: Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain)

- Token: $BVER

- Date: 22nd March

- Price: $0.03

- Raise Size: $350000

Why Beaver

Beaver fixes concerns about Impermanent loss in 2 different ways.

Asset Allocation Engine — Beaver Finance utilizes this engine to pair equally valued tokens from LP pools, enabling users to automatically gain the high yields of dual token LP enhancing in single — token staking mode.

Impermanent Loss Hedging Engine — Beaver Finance also has an Impermanent Loss Hedging Engine supported by Asteria Finance Lab, this engine protects LP assets of enhanced positions by constructing European Option Portfolios for hedging against IL.

Users will also be able to gain high yields by choosing any token pairs supported by the platform and depositing a single asset of their choice, leaving the rest to Beaver’s algorithm including token pairing, LP supplying, staking, compounding, and reward accrual. This way users are not only protected, but they are also enjoying the convenience of fully automatic yields.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek