NFT Staking Coming to Brokkr Finance
April 08, 2022

NFT Staking Coming to Brokkr Finance


Brokkrโ€™s unique mechanics will allow for Staking NFTs on Brokkr platform.

It is a huge utility for NFTs thatโ€™s been missing on the market and ย never seen before until now. No collateral and no liquidation.

Exclusively LunaBulls, ThorGuards, and Brokkr NFT holders will have the option to stake their NFTs!


NFT Staking is possible thanks to the core part of the Brokkr protocol โ€” Protocol Owned Capital (POC). Brokkr invests this Owned Capital in Strategies & Portfolios to generate an endless stream of revenue for the protocol. Part of this capital will be reserved for NFT projects, and together with their donations, it will let their holders stake their NFTs for the Floor Price.

This form of staking means that itโ€™s just an NFT lock without any collateral or risk of liquidation of the NFT. The early stages will be available through Whitelists and then to every $BRO staker. The goal is to launch NFT Staking this year.

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