Luart Releases NFT Launchpad
December 28, 2021

Luart Releases NFT Launchpad

Prepare to enter the Terraverse with the new Luart NFT launchpad


The launch of Luart's Launchpad and first minting partner HellCats NFT is now officially live

The Launchpad is just the beginning of an exciting roadmap that Luart has planned.

Hellcats will mint only using UST, however projects in the future will be able to choose whether they mint in LUNA or UST.

What Is Luart?

Luart is the first gamified NFT marketplace and is built on Terra. Users of Luart "win" just by using the platform.

The platform's native token, $LUART will IDO on Thorstarter and StarTerra in January.

Luart aims to benefit both creators and buyers/sellers of Terra NFT's by rewarding users of the platform.

Luart has a robust list of exciting features that include:

  • NFT Launchpad: The ability to mint new NFT collections on Luart and earn LUA Power while doing it
  • Luart Boxes: Deposit $UST for a chance to win hand-selected ultra-rare NFT's curated by the Luart team
  • LUA Power: Scoring system that rewards users for actions on the platform like staking, quests, and buying/selling. More LUA Power will give users better chances to win rarer NFT's through Luart Boxes
  • NFT Farming: Staking $LUART will enable users to earn NFT's and other incentives such as access to NFT launches exclusive to Luart
  • Highly aesthetic UI with low gas fees and fast speed built on Terra
Luart FAQ Page

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the Luart team!

Check out more information on Luart and their new Launchpad below

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