Introducing the ThorGuard Olympics
January 31, 2022

Introducing the ThorGuard Olympics

No guts no glory. Thorguards introduces the #ThorGuardOlympics


ThorGuards in a recent announcement,  introduced the #ThorGuardOlympics .

ThorGuard Olympics is a month long community mega-event during February featuring various games and competitions between the Guard community.

How to Enter

Visit Thorguards discord, sign up with your team of 3 and compete in events to earn points. At the end of February, the teams that have the most points will win:

-2x ThorGuard NFTs per player

-1 ThorGuard NFT + 1 Weapon per player

-2x Weapons per player

The first event will be the Alpha Trade

Submit your alpha pick and the team that has the best performing submission at the end of February will earn the most points!

Fight with your team and win the glory. No guts no glory!

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek