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August 05, 2021 #Guide #THORChain

How to Check your LP Yield Info on THORChain


It can be exciting to watch your money make more money without the associated risks that normally come with trading cryptocurrencies. But how exactly do you check your yield generated from the liquidity pool?

Well, it's actually pretty simple. All you have to do is go to https://www.runeyield.info/ and input your THOR.RUNE address, or any BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, or BCH address you have connected to THORChain.

After inputting your wallet address, all Yield data for assets pooled from that address and any connected asset address's will become visible. Go ahead...try it!

The example below shows the following 6 key pieces of information for an address which Pooled into the BCH pool.

Total Current Value (+fee)

  • This shows the total value in $USD of your cryptocurrencies based on the current trading prices relative to $USD. This total includes your fee rewards from participating in the Liquidity Pool.

Total Added Value

  • This shows the value in $USD of your original investment at the time you deposited into the Liquidity Pool.

Total Withdrawn Value

  • This shows the total value in $USD of crypto assets you have withdrawn from the Liquidity Pool

Total Gain/Loss

  • This shows the total net profit of your crypto assets from the time you entered the liquidity pool until now, based on their current $USD value, including any fee rewards earned. This fluctuates based on the $USD price increase/decrease of your crypto assets.

Total LP vs HODL

  • This shows your total profit since entering the Liquidity Pool in comparison to if you had not entered the Liquidity Pool but instead simply held your original assets in your wallet. In the above example, the resulting profit was $4787.31 higher than if the user had not deposited their assets into the Liquidity Pool.

Total Fee Earned

  • This shows the total current value in $USD of the fee rewards earned since entering the pool. Your fee rewards are always given to you in the same currency to which you deposited. For example: If you deposited BTC into the BTC pool, your fee rewards are given to you in BTC and RUNE, and the total fee earned is then calculated based on the present $USD value of those currencies.

Underneath the initial Yield Info dashboard displaying the above mentioned 6 points, you can see the same information broken down to reflect each individual asset you Pooled. An example of this is shown in the image below, headed: My LP Details.

Notably, you can see your Total Days in the Pool and your fee rewards earned, represented in their respective currencies. You can also see whether Pooling your assets has resulted in a profit or loss and if Impermanent Loss Protection is needed.

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